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Congressman Aderholt discusses pressing issues

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT)-  Republican Congressman Robert Aderholt has been in office since 1997 representing the fourth district of the State of Alabama.  Congressman Aderholt stopped in to WHNT News 19 to share his thoughts about the issues of the economy, the Affordable Healthcare Act, and sequestration in this weeks Leadership Perspectives.

The economy appears to be getting stronger and Congressman Aderholt shares his thoughts on how our state is doing.  “I think the economy overall is improving some. I think it would be wrong to say it hasn’t improved at all, however, I don’t think it’s this rosy picture that some people would like to paint it.  It has turned the corner, but I think there is a long way to go.”

Not everyone approves of the Affordable Healthcare act, but there many people who are now insured that weren’t before.  Congressman Aderholt had this to say, “Certainly, the goal is to get as many people covered as possible, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.  However, from the more conservative side, the Republican side, I think there are ways to do that without these government mandates.  On my own insurance, I am on the Affordable Healthcare Act, because I am required to, members of Congress are not exempt.  My deductibles are so much higher than they were, my monthly premiums are higher and I know this is for families all across the country that this is happening to and the out-of-pocket expenses are unbelievably higher than what they were.  We want to make sure that there is insurance available to everyone, not just a certain few.  But I think there are ways to go about it and we can do this without these government mandates.”

Budget cuts are coming in the form of sequestration, which is the practice of cutting all budgets uniformly, in 2016.  North Alabama has a strong presence in the defense industry and these cuts have many people worried.  Congressman Aderholt had this to say,  “Well right now, it’s the law and we are on track to have those cuts.  I am concerned about cutting too much in defense.  That is a concern, especially with what we see going on in Russia, what we see going on, especially with ISIS.  All those are very disconcerting.  We have to be very careful about cutting our defense systems in this country.  We are going to be seeing some cuts and right now we have to make sure that if there are cuts, that they are not across the board, but dedicated to certain areas that could stand to be cut.  I feel that if we do across the board cuts with defense that it would not bode well for this country.”

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