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Weather-related calls relatively low in Guntersville this week

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Guntersville Fire and Rescue hasn’t been seeing as many weather related calls as anticipated during the latest ice and snow events.

Guntersville Fire and Rescue is always ready for whatever comes its way. During this weather we’ve been seeing over the last several days, they’re especially on alert. So far though the weather hasn’t been what the responders anticipated, but it’s still hazardous enough that they did anticipate weather related calls.

Officials say they haven’t seen as many of those calls as they thought they would have. “We’re running very good on our calls right now, we haven’t had that many wrecks so we’re doing very well,” Fire Marshal for the city of Guntersville Buddy Pettry says. He says accidents on Highway 431 and throughout the area have been relatively low amid the ice and snow.

Also, when extreme cold weather hits house fires typically increase. Officials say they can stem from improper heating sources.  In Guntersville during the last few frigid days , they haven’t seen an increase in those calls either. In fact, that is indicative of these last few cold months.

Pettry says their effort to educate the city about fire safety seems as if it is paying off. “Fire prevention programs are definitely working,” Pettry says, “Everything we do here in the community as far as fire prevention really accelerates our job here, makes it better for us.”

Responders say even though weather-related calls are relatively low this week, they are as prepared now as they always are. “We’re ready to respond to anything we have here in the city of Guntersville,” Pettry says.