‘Squishy Sand’ a Deal

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I was first introduced to Squishy Sand by WHNT News 19's David Kumbroch.  Kumbroch is a reporter who reads books and stuff.  He's a smart guy, and he also has a tray of Squishy Sand at his desk he uses as a relaxation tool.

Now, he’s never told me exactly that he uses it as a relaxation tool, but that has to be the reason. Kumbroch’s pulse is in single digits most days and this has to be the explanation.

Squishy Sand is a “play sand” that kids can mold, sculpt, and shape indoors. Indoors is the key word.  Squishy Sand is not designed to get wet or be combined with other sand, or sand-type products.

We gave it to the Montessori School on Wall Triana Highway in Madison. Those kids loved it. They built everything from forts, to beaches, to houses for Olaf. (The kids - they love Olaf from Frozen.)

After playing with it for an hour, the kids loved it. They made the Squishy Sand a resounding “Deal.”

Some important points about Squishy Sand are in the packaging.  It's not edible or for kids three and under. Keep it away from pets and don't dispose of it in sinks or toilets.