Three boys support Huntsville couples during Wedding Week

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  Day three of Wedding Week in downtown Huntsville was a smaller crowd, with supporters of all ages.

"We decided to come out on Monday for the first weddings because we wanted to support their decision," said 10-year-old Joshua.

Through his young eyes, he said it was clear that it was a historic moment. "It was really crowded but I liked that a lot of people were here because it means all those people support their decision."

Signs and peace t-shirts displayed the boys' support for their mid-week return.

"They say 'Love Wins' and 'People are Equal,'" said his 8-year-old brother Caleb.

The young brothers, along with a third, are special needs -- adding to their passion for equal rights.

"One of the things most significant about children with special needs, adults too, is that they have a capacity to overlook what other people nit pick at," said their grandmother Mally Hatch.

The grandmother and parents say they teach the value of loving other humans, even in the face of bullying.

"They like ballet. They like music. They like other things," said their father William. "They're not into sports, holy cow! And they've had some judgment calls put on them."

"We gave all of the people that we saw hearts that we made from crayons that we melted," said Caleb while holding a bucket of the homemade tokens.

Crayons, they say, symbolize all of us.

"God himself did that," said Hatch. "We're like a box of Crayolas."

"They're still normal," said Joshua. "They just marry a different way."