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Fresh Market strong in Deal or Dud test of best roses

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The “Deal or Dud” rose challenge is over and Fresh Market takes the unofficial Magic Rose Vase Trophy!

We bought a dozen roses at four stores. One store, Costco, had two dozen bundled.

The roses were all purchased on January 23 and were in water until February 11.   We put them in identical vases and used the food supplement in all the rose bundles that had them.


We did have to do a mulligan with Publix. The dozen we bought died immediately. To be fair, you can always get a bad set of flowers. We bought another dozen and those did fine.

Costco roses also did pretty well.  The retail giant did go to a one dozen bundle closer to Valentine's Day for pretty much the same price as two dozen.

Walmart’s dozen did pretty good as well. They were sturdy and hung in there through the 19-day test.

However, the best and strongest roses were from Fresh Market. Those were purchased for $10 on January 23 and were up to $16.99 by February 11.   A few roses had died in the dozen after the 19 days, but for the most part, the roses held up pretty well to a pretty strong test.