Superintendent Matt Massey says new Monrovia school isn’t the best idea

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Madison County, Ala. (WHNT)- Madison County School System has a brand new Superintendent.  Matt Massey began his new job Jan 1, 2015.  Before he ever took office, he shared his opinions on the idea of a new Monrovia High School that is proposed to be built with BRAC funds.  From a budget perspective, it takes several million dollars to run a high school each year, and adding one more school will spread the budget even thinner.

“I want to do what’s best for all of our students, to take all of our schools to the next level.  Some of our other facilities are not really up to par as far as performing arts centers.  And really, to match the programs, that our students are involved in is really to provide a comprehensive academic environment for our students.” claimed Massey.

Superintendent Matt Massey has presented his objections about building the new high school to the county commission and the reception of his opinions was not in agreement.  The County Commission feels that the construction on the new Monrovia High School needs to proceed.  Currently the idea of a new school is still in proposition.

When asked about alternative ideas, Matt Massey stated, “We don’t really know, we are going to see the process.  And what I explained to the Commission is where we are with the Board.  We are in a discussion process right now.  The talk of a new school has been going on for five, ten, fifteen years in that Monrovia area.  And while they were growing and over capacity ten years ago, even six years ago, that’s not the case now.  Now, they are under capacity and they are not going to be over capacity for the next five years.  What we can do, and I’m pro-growth, we can help that area grow.  But if we are going to do it, we going to have to increase the quality of what we provide there.  What I am trying to present is a quality over quantity.  If we improve the quality of Sparkman, and provide some more classroom spaces, as well as other spaces for their activities, then that comprehensive environment for education is going to bring people in.”

The decision on the use of the BRAC funds to build a new Monrovia High School or to use them to bolster the current schools is a decision that will have to be carefully made.  When asked about when he thinks this issue will be settled one way or the other, either build it or don’t build it, Massey had this to say, “Well I think that once I get to roll everything out to our board, and the community is now getting involved with giving their views, that some time soon we’ve got to make a decision. That’s a board decision, on which direction to go.  When I was talking to the commission, it was just to let them know. To say hey, we really think that, what my point of view is this is what’s best for our kids. This is what’s best for students.  We really think this is the way to go and to try to bring them along with us.  We need to present this as the case for what’s best for the students of Madison County.”

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