Texas police release terrifying video of woman forced into trunk at gunpoint

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ARLINGTON, Tx. — This terrifying video of a woman at a drive-up ATM who was confronted at gunpoint and forced into the trunk of her own car has now been released by police in the hope of catching the armed robber.

Police in Arlington, Tx. said a woman called 911 early in the morning on Jan. 14, reporting that she had just escaped after being kidnapped. The woman told police she had arrived at an ATM and was making a withdrawal when a man on foot approached, shoved a gun in her face, and forced her into the trunk of her own car.

Police said the man held the woman hostage for at least an hour as he went from ATM to ATM, forcing the victim to take out more money from her account.

The woman told police at one point, the man stopped and walked away from the car and that’s when she seized the opportunity to escape and run to a nearby convenience store, where she called for help.

At 2:34 in the surveillance video, the robber makes a mistake that police hope will lead to his arrest.  He stops and looks directly into the camera so his face is fully visible.

Police hope that someone from the public will recognize the man.