Taking Action: Lumberyard relocates next door to county neighborhood

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Jackie and Allan Scogin are tired of the noise. They’re hoping the lumberyard that relocated next to their subdivision realizes their unhappiness, and finds yet another location.

Cameron Isbell opened the lumberyard about five months ago off Highway 157 and Ricks Lane. It’s on their own private property, and it’s out in the county.

However, it’s only footsteps away from a man’s home. A six foot fence separates the two.

“I just can’t understand why he done it,” said Jackie Scogin, who shares a fence with the log yard. “I can assure you that he wouldn’t want it. That’s a six foot privacy fence, away from his house.”

Scogin is concerned his family won’t want to spend the summer on the deck he built for them. His pool is about three feet from the lumberyard, blocked by a fence. He said the noise starts around 6:00 in the morning and goes well into the evening.

“We built this home, and we had gotten it to the point where we wanted it, where we were happy,” he said. “Now, we have no privacy.”

The lumberyard view from Jackie Scogin's pool deck.

The lumberyard view from Jackie Scogin’s pool deck (Photo By: Catherine Awasthi/WHNT News 19)

Jackie’s brother Allan lives nearby. He reached out to WHNT News 19 for help after everyone else couldn’t do anything.

“We went to the commissioners who said there was just nothing they can do,” Allan said. “We just want some peace and tranquility.”

Commissioner Rex Burleson said he sympathizes with the community, but there are no noise ordinances in the county to implement. Senator Larry Stutts had the same response. He said it’s a private business on a private property, and they have to be left alone.

“I don’t think this man would want this in his back yard and we don’t want it in ours,” Allan said. “I understand that if their hands are tied, their hands are tied.”

The Scogins circled a petition through their subdivision, and found many neighbors are upset. But, it’s up to the lumberyard owners to make a move.

“It’s not right. There’s probably nothing we can do about it, but, it’s not right,” said Allan.

“My only option is to try to sell my home,” said Jackie, as he posted his ‘For Sale’ sign in his front yard.

The commission did ensure the road where trucks come and go will be taken care of, as they leave a muddy mess behind. Otherwise, the brothers feel there’s nothing anyone can do for the community.