More eyes, less crime – Meeting scheduled to start more community watches in Arab

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) — Arab Police are seeing a lot of burglaries in the city and the department is working to get the community involved to help keep those crimes down.

“With the help from our citizens we’ve been able to solve some of these burglaries,” Arab Police Assistant Chief Shane Washburn says.

Assistant Chief Washburn says they were able to work with citizens in two neighborhood watches to solve those cases, saying, “With those two neighborhood watches in those two areas our crime rates are starting to go down.”

So the department is working to get more community members involved to help keep an eye on things. “It’s our eyes and ears out there on the street, because I only have so many officers I can put in patrol, but with average citizens being able to relay information to us, it’s just that more helpful,” Assistant Chief Washburn says.

The Arab Police Department is holding a meeting for the city to come and get more information on how to do just that.

“Basically it’s for anyone who is interested in starting a community watch in their neighborhood, for them to come, and I will give them the material show exactly how to get it started, how to keep it going,” Assistant Chief Washburn explains.

Officers also plan on relaying tips on how to stay safe and keep property safe.

The department says it’s important to start and keep a community watch going, because when that watch starts to lull, crime can start to increase in that area.

The meeting will be held February ninth, at six o’clock. It will be at Arab City Hall.