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Nine people stabbed during terror attack in Israel

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TEL AVIV, Israel (WHNT)-  Israeli police say a Palestinian man is in custody this morning for the alleged stabbing of nine people.
He is being questioned. Israeli officials say this is the latest in a series of Palestinian attacks involving knives, acid, and vehicles used as weapons.

This attack happened on a bus in Tel Aviv. Police report he stabbed eight passengers and the driver.

Officers from a prison service were close to the scene and started pursuit after observing the bus swerving out of control. Police were able to chase down the man and stop him by shooting him in the leg.

He is in custody this morning.

Police believe he entered Israel illegally.

The attack was praised by the  Islamic militant Hamas group that control the Gaza Strip, but they have not claimed responsibility.

“What happened in Tel Aviv is a response to Israeli terrorism against our people and our holy places,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said.  “We stress our people’s right to defend  themselves with all possible means amid Israel’s terrorism.”

However, the Israeli government condemned the Hamas stance. Spokesman Mark Regec said Hamas, “once again demonstrated that it is a ruthless and brutal terrorist organisation.”