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Glovely Touchscreen Gloves a Deal

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Using our smartphones outside during cold weather can be problematic.  It’s hard to swipe the phone or punch the apps we want to use.

But smart entrepreneurs came up with gloves that have material that allow you to use your phone.  Sometimes, the sweet spots move or it degrades and it again becomes problematic again.

Another smart entrepreneur came up with a glove made entirely of a material that allows you to operate the smartphone.

A company called “Glovely” developed gloves that work great.   We tested it for a long stretch on a smartphone and it works very well.  Also, you can put any part of the glove over a finger and use it to manipulate the phone.

The Glovely Touchscreen Gloves are a Deal. We love them.

With shipping and handling, a Glovely set of gloves cost us $22.97.