Increase in owner surrendered animals during the holidays leads to greater adoption push

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- During and after the holidays, the Scottsboro Animal Control Center saw an increase in owner surrenders, and now the push is on to find them good homes.

Animal control officers say the shelter saw more surrenders than adoptions during and after the holidays, causing the increase in pets needing homes. "Come down, see what we've got," Animal Control Officer Heather Carlin says, "We've got big, small, all of them are friendly."

Carlin says they have been working for months to adopt out as many animals as they possibly can, and they've seen success over that time. Carlin says rescue groups both locally and out-of-state pulled dogs from the shelter. Local residents have helped decrease the animal population at the shelter as well by adopting.

Carlin says it's important to keep that trend going, especially with the increase in animals they are seeing now. "We want to get them out of here, we want to find them good loving homes," Carlin says, "A shelter is no place to be."

Officers say they welcome all calls about adopting a dog or a cat. "Just contact us, come down and meet if there's one you really like. Our requirements are they have to be spayed or neutered and rabies vaccine."

The shelter is open Monday through Friday, and Saturday. For more information follow this link.