Mayhem: The Sugar Bowl commercial series with live sale of ‘stolen’ items

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - A break-in during the Sugar Bowl made every viewer notice a proud burglar named Mayhem.

'I'm the guy that noticed a couple posting from New Orleans so I broke into their house and sold all their stuff,' said the burglar in one of the commercials.

The couple broadcasted their trip to the game on social media. So to teach them a lesson in 'oversharing', Mayhem struck.

"I think at first a lot of people thought the sale was just a joke," said Madison AllState agency owner Carolyn Lankford.

But guess what?

It wasn't. People really bought the 'stolen household items' at ridiculously low prices on

"It makes people aware of how much stuff really does cost," said Lankford. "He sold a 60-inch television for sixty dollars."

Most of us are guilty of posting pictures when we leave town. In fact, studies show 15% of people aged 18-34 make it common knowledge when they're not at home by their posts on social media.

Mayhem used commercials, Twitter, and his sale website to steal the show during the game, and to show that we are not only showing where we are, but showing where we're not.

"It's becoming quite prevalent," said Lankford. "A recent study showed that 78% of convicted burglars got their information from FaceBook and other forms of social media."

With the holidays just ending, there is lots of bragging going on, people like the young couple targeted by Mayhem are happily showing off their new toys. But that makes them, and you, and easy target.

The sale is real. The couple is real. The break-in, fortunately, was not. The newlywed couple attending the Sugar Bowl willingly let AllState replicate their items.

Three-hundred items were sold during the duration of the game, and the money raised will go to a charity of the choice of the couple.

But the live sale really stole the attention of Sugar Bowlers: received 6,000 to 8,000 hits per second immediately following each commercial that aired on TV. A typical retail site with TV support receives 2,000 hits per second. Total site traffic reached 18 million hits during the game.

-#MayhemSale was within the US Top Ten Trending Hashtags for the duration of the AllState Sugar Bowl. Immediately after commercials aired, it surged to number one worldwide multiple times throughout the game.

-Mayhem's tweet asking people to "break Twitter" instead of his website generated 3,000 retweets within three minutes, and a total of 4,600 times within an hour.

-Throughout the game, Mayhem's Twitter followers increased by 24,000. Total Twitter impressions is currently more than 40.1 million.

-The Facebook Mayhem video 'Break In', which was the first commercial that ran during the AllState Sugar Bowl, resulted in more than 20 million impressions alone, with nearly three million views and almost 70,000 likes, comments and shares.


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