Roaches & Potato Chips Don’t Mix

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Burrito Express at 220 French Farms Blvd. in Athens: Score of 84

  • Damaged wire racks.
  • Skipping the sanitizing step when washing dishes.
  • Dirty dishes stored as clean.
  • Cheese 97F.

Casa Mexicana Restaurant at 1101 S. Jackson Highway in Sheffield: Score of 81

  • Roach seen crawling on wall near container of chips.
  • Dirty knives hanging on knife rack on kitchen.
  • Cheese dip sitting out at 84F.
  • Employee going from raw to ready to eat foods, then washing hands with gloves on, and never changing them.

Fuel City Mini-Mart at 6106 Highway 72 East in Gurley: Score of 83

  • Unlabeled spray bottle containing pine sol.
  • Two personal drinks on a prep table with seasonings, cooking spray, & foil.

Golden Spoon Award:

Hickory House at 303 Oakwood Avenue NW in Huntsville: Score of 99