Rep. Jim Patterson talks about budget concerns

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WHNT- Rep.  Jim Patterson (R) has been serving the state legislature in the 21st district since 2010, which includes a portion of Madison county and a portion of Huntsville.  He stopped in to WHNT News 19 do discuss the most pressing issues.  The General Fund and the Education budget are first and foremost on everyone’s minds.

The state of Alabama is one of the few states with multiple budgets.  There has been talk of combining the two budgets, but this would take a constitutional amendment and a vote and Rep. Patterson thinks that, “I don’t think that would come anywhere close to passing.  I don’t think that the public trusts us to not take education money and spend it on prisons.”

When it comes to ideas on ways to come up with revenue and to trim the budget, Rep. Patterson says, “While things are looking better as far as jobs coming in, we are talking about a special session to find ways to improve industrial recruitment.  We’ve such a shortage in the general fund, everyone says we’re going to stop kicking the can and find a long term solution.  Hopefully we will come together and find some big solution and finally solve the problem long term, rather than find a way to band-aid it for another year.”

Watch the full three part interview here:

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