Getting Results On Roads That Drive You Crazy

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There are hundreds of thousands of miles of road in North Alabama, and just about that many road problems driving viewers crazy.  In 2014 we took action and got results of a multitude of roads that were Driving You Crazy.

For example...on Hastings Road in south Huntsville an old manhole cover was several inches below the grade of the road's surface. Usually it would be more of an irritant than a hazard. In this case the hole in the road dangerous because Hastings is a major route for runners and cyclists. We took action and told Huntsville's Public Works Department about the situation. The result was, the problem was repaired. "It's an A-plus," says neighbor Brian Smalley.

Another neighborhood where there was a major problem...Clubview Drive in north Huntsville. Prep work for re-paving left the road a mass of big pot holes and loose gravel for several months. We took action, and as a result Clubview was paved within just a couple of weeks. ""We live in a nice neighborhood now," says neighbor Kippi Coley.

Another place we took action was in Madison County.  Drivers trying to pull out of Macon Lane couldn't see oncoming traffic on Oscar Patterson Road because of some high corn growing too close to the intersection. We contacted Madison County Commissioner Rogers Jones, and short after that the farmer graciously, and quickly removed the hazard. "It's a whole lot better," says John Pruitt.

In Huntsville a real danger needed help.  Drivers on Randolph Avenue had a painted stop line to help them stop before they turned on to busy California Street.  The line however, was too far from road to give drivers an adequate view of oncoming traffic. "You have to pull into the intersection...into coming traffic in order to see," says Lori Harris. Obviously that was dangerous. We took action, and informed the Huntsville Traffic Engineering Department of the problem. The old stop line was ground-up, and a new line painted in the proper location. "It's much better," says neighbor Winnie Bailey.

Making things better, and safer is why we do our "Driving You Crazy" stories. We hope viewers will heed the advice of one neighbor we helped. "I would tell them to call WHNT. If you will highlight it, it seems like things get done," says Kippi Coley.

Don't forget we're looking forward to more "Taking Action and Getting Results" on your road and traffic problems in 2015.

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