Proposal for Ten Commandments monument in Jackson Co. still under heavy discussion

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- The proposal to place three monuments - one of them being the Ten Commandments - outside the Jackson County courthouse is still undergoing much discussion.

Since the proposal to put monuments of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Ten Commandments in front of the Jackson County courthouse came up a few months ago, the Jackson County Commission has been looking at its options.

Right now commissioners say they're taking the steps to find out what would be the best move for the county. "We're still kind of in the discussion phase one of what is to be done and how is it to be done, and the second part of it is if it is going to be done how do we proceed legally with that," Commission chair Matthew Hodges says.

Hodges says the commission is working with a group to discuss the legal aspects of the matter. "There's no cost to the county on that, that's strictly just for information right now and then of course if anything is moved forward, we'll go from that point," Hodges explains.

County leaders are also exploring the possibility of putting the monuments off of county property.

Officials say there is not a decision in any regard just yet. Hodges says the commission is looking at every possibility before or if they take action.

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