Christmas Surprise: “Santa” gives $50,000 check to cover layaway balances at Pennsylvania Walmart

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (FOX43) - He just wants to go by the name "Santa B." The man had a tremendous surprise for families in one Pennsylvania city on Monday.

It was the last day for layaway pickup at Walmart, and many people got a big surprise when they came to pay off their gifts.

Just before noon, a man came in and said he wanted to pay off all the remaining layaway balances – the entire balances.  Walmart said he gave them a check for $50,000, and it covered layaway balances for 100 families.

Image: FOX 43

Image: FOX 43

Brittney Coeyman said she was shocked.

“We were scraping together the last few minutes here to pay for it, we were actually going to have to return a couple things,” said Coeyman.  She had $280 remaining on her balance.

“Kinda took us aback,” says store manager Steve Myers. “We look at these layaway, you hear about it but this is so generous, it’s unbelievable someone could do that.”

“Just thank you so much, it’s a miracle for not just us but for so many people,” says Coeyman. “And there’s nothing else I could ask for for Christmas.”

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