Huntsville City Schools custodial staff starts using full-body suits, masks

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) - Huntsville City Schools is taking preemptive measures to prevent the spread of blood borne diseases.

Huntsville City Schools custodial staff have been outfitted with cleaning kits including  full body suits, gloves, boots, and face masks.

Edward Smith, Huntsville City Schools facility coordinator says the kits are something they should always have at their disposal.

"We want to make sure we have something that is more proactive and doing something before something already happens," Smith said.  "Having kits readily available eliminates the opportunity for short cuts, which could lead to undo exposure, which may lead to items not being cleaned up properly. Doing this prevents that."

The district's custodial staff already use separate carts for cleaning classrooms and bathrooms. Now they have a third for messes involving blood or other body fluids.

Smith says they aren't fearful something as devastating as Ebola will strike a city school, rather they want to create an even safer and healthier environment.

"We decided to do this because it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and makes sure we get things right the first time. It's our way of taking care of not only our kids but our employees as well."

Two-hundred  kits were distributed among the district school last week.

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