Vacant property could see new life in downtown Scottsboro

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — A vacant property in the Scottsboro downtown square could potentially fit into a bigger plan after a vote by the city council.

Across from the Jackson County courthouse a piece of property is vacant. It used to hold what was called the Derrick Building, and now the property belongs to the city. “About three years ago there was a fire up on the square, at the Derrick Building, it was a total loss,” Mayor Melton Potter says.

He says the owners of the building gave it to the city.

The city tore down what was left and added a facade so it would match the other historic buildings in the square.

The property has been empty since then. However, a vote by the city council Monday night could change that. “So we’ve just had the property for about three years and thought this would be a good idea to donate it to the downtown redevelopment group,” Mayor Potter says.

That group is charged with formulating ideas and input for the downtown area. The goal is to revitalize the square, and make it a destination for visitors.

Board members tell us if the council votes yes, they could rent, sell or use the property themselves. They aren’t sure what will be done with it, but say the property’s future would fit into their plans to bring energy to the downtown area.

Mayor Potter says he expects the vote to pass, and says they feel giving this space to the group is beneficial for the ultimate plan for the square. “With the downtown redevelopment group forming I thought this would be a nice gesture to give them a piece of property to help jump-start their group.”

Mayor Potter says they didn’t want to sell the property, as it was given to the city.

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