Mayors Battle, Trulock go head-to-head for Mayor’s Cup tennis tourney

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Two municipal leaders traded their suits for sneakers and went head-to-head on either side of the net.

One neon ball gave one mayor a year of bragging rights. The first annual Mayor's Cup put Mayor Tommy Battle of Huntsville against Mayor Troy Trulock of Madison.

"It was a tough match. They were younger and more energetic, but we just let maturity and wisdom overtake it," joked Mayor Battle. "It was a great match. A lot of fun."

With the help of two local professionals, Battle and Trulock were sweating it out for the fundraiser that benefits Leadership Huntsville/Madison County.

"We had 100 or so people here tonight. Just a great cause for Leadership," said Mayor Trulock. "I'm proud to be here to support Leadership, and play a little tennis against Mayor Battle."

Both mayors trained for the match. Battle says he used to play before he took office, meanwhile Trulock says he had a longer way to go to prepare.

Ultimately "Team Battle" won the match 8-3.

"We just had to use whatever skills we had. My skills are -- I'm older and I've been around longer," said Battle.

The Huntsville mayor was awarded a trophy.  But that wasn't the only award given out.

Upon receiving his award, Mayor Battle pulled out a much older, smaller, and less impressive trophy with a tennis ball on top.

"We are a green community, we believe in recycling," said Battle as he passed the trophy to Trulock. "We have taken this trophy, which was won in 1955, and put this tennis ball on top. We're recycling. So each year, the team that loses the Mayor's Cup gets this trophy," he said with a laugh.

"I probably took it easy on Mayor Battle. I didn't want to rough him up," laughed Trulock. The Madison administrator says don't count him out just yet.

"I'm going to be out here working hard. We're going to come back and we're going to win."

In the meantime, Trulock goes home with his recycled trophy with more than 360 days to get his backswing perfected.

Both Mayor Battle and Mayor Trulock say they look forward to making the Mayor's Cup a yearly event.

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