Decision from grand jury in Ferguson not expected until Monday at the earliest

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MGN Online

FERGUSON, Mo. (WHNT)-  The grand jury deciding whether to indict Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown will not reconvene until Monday, local and federal law enforcement sources told CNN.

The sources spoke to CNN’s Evan Perez, Ana Cabrera, Pamela Brown and Shimon Prokupecz.

Local residents had been anticipating a decision at any moment. Some businesses boarded up their doors and windows, and residents hunkered down in their homes.

In the days after Brown’s killing on August 9, protesters filled the streets. Some clashes with police turned violent. Stores were looted and vandalized. President Barack Obama joined local leaders and Michael Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., in calling for calm. “Using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are,” Obama told ABC News.

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