Limestone County’s Bay Hill residents still waiting for April tornado damage to be cleared away

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - There was a lot of damage across Limestone County after the tornado on April 28th. One of the first areas hit was Lucy's Branch Marina and the Bay Hill areas. Several houses were destroyed, along with other buildings left to lay in ruin. Residents asked us to Take Action and find out when owners plan to clear away the remaining damaged buildings and structures.

Just minutes before the tornado began it's deadly trek across Limestone County, WHNT News 19's Al Whitaker drove through Lucy's Branch. There is video from his dash cam that shows exactly how the area looked right before the storm hit. You'll notice the large green building on the right of the screen. After the storm hit, that building was little more than a steel frame with a few pieces of metal siding dangling from the beams and rafters. That is exactly how that same building looks today, almost 7 months later. Residents who live at or near the marina say it's not just an eyesore now, it's dangerous.

"I'm worried about it blowing stuff on my car and hurting it or hurting me. A piece of that tin come flying across there cut you wide open," said Bay Hill resident Raymond Duren. The door to his apartment overlooks the remains of what had been a dry dock facility at the marina.

Workers eventually removed the boats and watercraft that were stored in the building. And some of the loose metal siding has blown down.  Duren says he and other residents have repeatedly asked management when they were going to do something about it.

"Yeah, there's a lots blown off but you can hear it rattling out there now the way the wind's blowing," Duren explains. He says all they could find out was the owners were waiting on their insurance to settle.

The owners of the property aren't on-site but we spoke with them over the telephone today. Bubba Doss tells us that yes, it did take them quite a bit longer than they had anticipated to reach an agreement with their insurance company but he says that settlement was reached just over a week ago. He says right now what they're trying to do is come up with a plan for the demolition of the building as well as another one on the other side of it and he says residents should begin to see some improvements here very soon.

Lucy's Branch was hit with storm damage twice this year. In fact, repairs just finished from a February storm when the April 28th tornado struck.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    The whole of the Bay Hills & Marina has a history of financial failures in the past changing ownerships.
    So the lack of cleanup can be assumed to be the lack of adequate insurance coverage or no insurance coverage, and certainly the lack of funding to re-invest in what is/was probably a break even venture…or the insurance money went to replace the lack of revenues coming in…
    It will remain as it is for the foreseeable future…

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