Florence recycling to quadruple collections in the coming months

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Since 2013, blue carts have been popping up in neighborhoods across Florence to help support recycling efforts.

With the commercial demand for those recycled materials in the manufacturing process ever increasing, several companies have come together to form the Curbside Value Partnership.

To get their partnership off the ground, they picked the city of Florence as one of their first test cities to increase residential recycling.

“The materials are needed. In other words, they want city’s and recycle centers to get more material because they are in demand at the plants that reuse them. So what they have done is put together a plan that will make that happen,” said David Koonce, Director of Recycling for the city of Florence.

The grant sponsors along with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management have given the city of Florence $600,000 to purchase almost 12,000 carts which will go curb-side.

This grant will move the number of residential carts from 3,000 to 15,000.

And according to Koonce, this will significantly up the amount of material coming into the Florence Recycling Center.

“By us generating more material and generating more material at our recycling center, we have more stuff for them to get,” Koonce explained.

And Koonce said there are 27 manufacturers in the state of Alabama which use the materials placed in the recycling carts to make their products.

Florence leaders say the grant will put a recycling cart at every residence with-in the city limits by the fall of 2015.

Other city’s receiving the grants includes Columbia, South Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.

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