Cold weather brings a decrease in some crimes

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -- As the weather turns cold the Arab Police Department sees a decrease in certain types of crime.

"A lot of our drug crimes, we'll see those go down because it's just too cold for people to be outside at night," Chief Ed Ralston says.

The number of shootings and stabbings historically decrease as well during this time of year. The department starts seeing this decrease as soon as the temperatures take a dip.

Chief Ralston says typically the number of those particular crimes will start to rise again in the spring, when the weather heats up.

However, another set of crimes comes into play during the holidays. Chief Ralston says those are crimes of opportunity - wallet thefts,  car break-ins and crimes of that nature.

He says the department prepares for that increase and puts officers at the major stores during the holidays. The department also prepares for the increase in the crimes on the streets as well. "We have some extra patrols going on, we try to up our traffic enforcement a little bit as well," Chief Ralston says.

Overall the winter months bring some good news - violent and drug crimes decrease for several months. Over the holidays though, officers will be paying extra attention to stop other crimes from increasing.

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