As veteran unemployment rises, military job fair offers help and hope

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - Resumes in hand, dozens of men and women milled around business representatives taking part in Tuesday's job fair at Redstone Arsenal.

Presented by and sponsored by Redstone Arsenal's Transition Assistance Program, the job fair included a mix of Fortune 500 and local companies.

The hiring event for veterans and transitioning military members came at an opportune time.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported a slight rise in veteran unemployment rates.

Unemployment for post 9/11 veterans rose a full percentage point, from 6.2% in September to 7.2% in October. Among all veterans, unemployment  rose from 4.7% in September to 5.3% in October.
However, Jake Hutchings of remains upbeat about the current business climate. "There are a lot of companies that support veterans, that are looking to hire veterans and we'll be okay," he says.
Howard Jackson, an Army veteran, who attended the job fair in hopes of finding a maintenance or assembly job was also optimistic, saying "I'm hoping more veterans will come and see what they can do. The future's right around the corner." is planning another job fair at Redstone Arsenal on April 15.
If you are a veteran or transitioning military member looking for work, you may find the following links helpful:  job search page
Veterans Affairs employment page
Disabled American Veterans employment resources
USA Jobs  veteran resources
Department of Labor veteran employment and training



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  • Thomas McFreeman

    The American people need to begin their transition from being an employee to becoming self-employed/entrepreneur. Job losses due to outsourcing and globalization will continue and the invasion of robots and machines (automation) has begun to further destroy jobs.

    Author “The Art of Debt Guerrilla Warfare, how to beat debt collectors when your back is against the wall.”

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