The Black Series Digital Counting Money Jar Revisted. It’s a Deal.

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We’re revisiting The Black Series Digital Counting Money Jar.

We have a history with this product.

A few weeks back, we tested the product and it had some problems.

The Digital Counting Jar has a counter on top that powered by two batteries.   It has a LED counter which then totals the money you put it.

The Digital Counting Jar totals the money as you put it in.

The first one we bought added about half the pennies we put in as dimes.

(Sort of like the government has been doing for decades.)

After the test, we rated the jar a Dud.

But then we got an email from the company.

Anthony, who via email seemed liked a really nice guy, asked us to retest the product.

We’re always eager to retest and update a product.

Anthony sent us a new The Black Series Digital Counting Money Jar.

We put our own batteries in and got change from the same source.

We tested pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and silver dollars. The jar did its job. It counted all the change perfectly.

We must have got a bad one the first time.

The second Black Series Digital Counting Money Jar worked fine.

Upon further review, we make The Black Series Digital Counting Money Jar a “Deal.”

Thanks Anthony. Glad to update the product. Appreciate you sending the new one to us and letting us update the story.

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