Taking Action On Driver Confusion In Huntsville

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The problem according to viewer Norma Harris is on Highway 431 near Hampton Cove.  Between the base of Monte Sano and the turnoff to Hampton Cove there are multiple construction projects.

At each work zone drivers are asked to slow down from 55 to 45, and then quickly to 35.  Harris doesn't like the speed limit signs being so close together. "In my mind it's difficult and could be dangerous. You could get rear ended," Harris said.

There's another problem as you drive through the construction zones on 431.  You see signs to slow you down, but after each work zone there is no sign to tell you to speed back up. "You don't know what you're supposed to be doing," said Harris.

With the WHNT News 19 radar gun we tracked drivers between the construction zones, when they apparently can speed back up. What we found is some drivers doing 55 or faster, but other drivers still going in the 30's and 40's.  Driver confusion is never good for traffic safety.

"I would like signs that tell me specifically how fast I'm supposed to go...where and when," Harris said.  She'd like signs that don't call for an abrupt slowdown, but also a sign to direct drivers to speed up if that's legal.

Both Norma's requests seem reasonable. We're taking action and discussing the situation with Alabama Department of Transportation officials.  The result we're after is simply less driver confusion.


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  • KB

    Every time I’m in that area people are flying! Nobody cares about those signs Norma but folks like us that abide by the rules. I see the point though. If you have people slamming on their brakes in fear of getting a ticket, that could cause a pile up.

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