Jackson County ready to move forward on County Road 61 project

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PISGAH, Ala. (WHNT) -- After hurdles prolonging the process, Jackson County is moving forward with plans to partially close County Road 61 in Pisgah.

Earlier this year the Jackson County Commission voted unanimously to close a portion of County Road 61 in Pisgah. That closure is at the request of the County School Board, as the road is well-traveled and runs right through Pisgah School's campus.

The county had hoped to start construction in the summer, but there were some hurdles prolonging the process.

"We had a lot of ATRIP projects," Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges says, "We've been waiting on some information too in regards to 61, so there has been a whole lot going on."

However, now Hodges says the county is ready to move forward. "What that means for the county is that we're going to have to make some changes to Thompson Street, and then of course we can close off County Road 61," Hodges says.

The county is looking at making Thompson Street a main thoroughfare. However, that is a process that is turning out slightly different from originally planned.

There isn't an estimated cost for the project just yet.

The School Board is providing some of the funding.

County leaders hope to start construction by next spring, if not earlier.