TAKING ACTION: Parents concerned about heating system at Guntersville Middle

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Guntersville Middle School officials say they are working as fast as they can to fully restore the heat in Guntersville Middle School. Meanwhile, parents are concerned about their students.

After concerned parents reached out to WHNT News 19, we spoke with Guntersville City School officials about what they are doing to remedy the problems with the heating system at the middle school.

Superintendent Dale Edwards tells us they started having problems with the heating and air conditioning system at the school several weeks ago. Workers started repairing the systems, but officials say it's proved to be major undertaking and it is taking more time than expected.

"There's some temporary heat in the building. It's not like the building is completely without heat right now," Edwards says. "It's just not functioning as fully operative as it normally would."

Edwards says they've reworked the old heating system to provide some heat to part of the school. The other classrooms have working space heaters. "We hope in the next week, or in the next week or two that it will be completed," Edwards says.

Officials say they are working as quickly as they can to get the system fully operational. They say parents were not notified of the situation as the heating system is working, it's just not working to its full capacity.


  • Wildcat

    The space heater were put in place after the news channel visited…It was in the 50’s in most classes today. I’m sure Dr. Edwards is warm and cozy in his office..

    • Joseph Smith

      If its in the 50’s cant you just wear a jacket or something? sheesh I dont see this as being a health hazard or anything. There are far more important matters that could be discussed in the news. Ebola “spreading” in the U.S. for example?

  • Concerned Citizen

    People act like the school system isn’t getting the units fixed. My unit has quit at home before and it has taken a day or so for the repair people to get there and that’s not including time if they have to order the part. I can’t believe people are seriously criticizing the Guntersville City Schools for this, when it is out of their control. Give them a break they have people working on fixing the problem.

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