Foster child Crystal “Just waiting on some miracle”

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Crystal is sweet, soft spoken, and sees foster care as a chance to start over again.

“I keep my faith ahead of me, If I didn’t have faith, I’d be like not a good person, wouldn’t know what to do, I wouldn’t know what right path to take.” Crystal said.

Crystal was floating for what seemed like forever, waiting to be rescued.

“Not being able to speak sooner, because foster care is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me,” Crystal said.

Finding her voice helped her find her freedom.  Crystal has been in foster care since December 2011.

Now 17, Crystal knows the clock is ticking.

“I want a forever family because growing up I didn’t have that stability family type figure, so being now that I get a chance to find a family, I wanna take that chance. I want a family that will love me for who I am and for who I’m gonna become,” Crystal said.

Crystal knows at her age, in foster care, there’s only one way out.

“Just waiting on some miracle, but it’s taking time so I’m being patient. I like to sing, my favorite song is Oceans by Artist United. I like singing that one.” Crystal said.

Crystal wants to be a youth pastor and a counselor for foster kids.  She will have amazing insight.

Would you like to learn more about Crystal? Click here. 

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  • Audrey Smith

    How can I find out more about Crystal? I went online to see if I could see about sponsoring her and she is not listed on “Kids to Love” profiles.

  • Margaret Martin

    Aww we’d happily welcome Crystal into our home as a forever family but we are all the way over in New Zealand. I doubt we’d be allowed. :(
    We have permanent care of our foster son, as well as our two biological kids.

  • Dorothy Noble

    I don’t understand how they won’t tell about WHY she’s in foster care. Where are her parents/family? Are they dead? Are they totally out of the picture or will the adoptive family be in danger of them being dangerous and around? More info!!

  • Laura

    There is a new organization based out of Atlanta called Connections Homes. They work to find forever families for young adults who have aged out of the foster system. Of course I hope she finds a forever family before that!!

  • Cassie Tebo

    (Today is my birthday.) The greatest gift I’ve ever been given is my 4 beautiful daughters. And watching Crystal just now and hearing her story moves both my husband and I to tears. Without hesitation we would give her a forever home. She would fit in perfectly with our family character and we would be so proud to call her our daughter. We will find a way.

  • Lanette Hill

    My reply is that there are families of these children that would like to have these children but the dhs thinks they are not good enough, rich enough. It is never how much they love the children. We have two grandchildren in the system, been trying to get for three years. We have been unable to get theme. I live my live for these children. They are 14 and 16 . They should be able to live where they want. I do not believe in the dhs system because of this. I think it is a pay check for a lot people. We also have refused any money from taxpayers. Good luck Crystal. Hope one day I can be with my grandchildren.

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