Madison group designing, fabricating toys for children in need this season

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT)-- Santa's elves at MindGear Labs in Madison are designing and soon, actually building toys for the Christmas season.

Sunday, they were busy making final prototypes of the toys they had designed using software and creativity.

"For the kids who maybe don't know where their parents are or are facing serious illness, we wanted to give them something that showed time and effort," said Rob Adams, a managing member at the lab.

Some volunteers, like Eric Beshears, are designing toys for the children. He's working on a form of lawn darts.

Adams said toys also in the works include a catapult, various puzzles, and a jewelry tree.

When the prototypes are all finished, Adams plans to create a catalogue where the nearly 350 children they have chosen to help out this year can choose what they would like to have.

Then, the toys will be customized for each child.

"Each one of them will have something that makes it uniquely there," said Adams, "whether it's their name, or their favorite sports team [colors], etc."

Beshears said, "I hope [the kids] know someone cares about them."

The group is seeking volunteers to, in a few weeks, help assemble and wrap the toys.

If you're interested in helping out, head to or email

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