Lawrence County H.S. students are finalists in contest for new school computer equipment, you can help them win

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MOULTON, ALA. (WHNT) - Students at Lawrence County High School in Moulton are trying to win some new computer equipment for their school, and you can help. The students produced a music video and entered it in the national Compass Learning Classroom Refresh Contest. They were chosen as one of five finalists and right now are just a thousand votes away from being in first place. Thats where you come in, and how you can help.

The video was produced entirely by the students in Gina McCarley's computer and multimedia classes at Lawrence County High.

"What we did was use a karaoke track, and we just added that on there and we just used a regular microphone and recorded the audio with the karaoke track," explained 10th grader Luke Proctor. He helped create and mix the music and is seen in the video's open sequence.

All of the students produced some aspect of the video. They chose the parts they liked best and edited that into the final version. The end result is surprisingly good. If Lawrence County wins, they'll pick-up roughly $70,000 worth of new equipment, including ChromeBooks for the whole class and a new smart board.

"A smart board is an interactive board instead of just the basic dry-erase board. You can do more things and make it more interactive," McCarley says.

And the ChromeBooks would basically enable the school to make any classroom a computer lab. The contest is something the students wanted to do to help their school.

"Our county's been hit hard by losing IP (International Paper), so its really affected educational funding and we know that the money's just not there. So by winning this it would really be huge, it would be something we couldn't purchase otherwise," McCarley says.

To win, they have to get the most on-line votes, and right now they're in second place. If you want to help, just go online to, register and vote. You can only vote once a day but the students say you can vote every day! You can also watch their video there in it's entirety. Good luck, guys, we hope you win!

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