Judge revokes bond for twin charged in sex abuse cases

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Brian Lucas, a man charged with sex abuse and sodomy, has been ordered back to jail as he awaits trial next year.

He was out on bond and the judge placed him under strict instructions to not drink alcohol or be around children unsupervised.

Lucas attended the wedding of one of his brothers earlier this month in Huntsville.  At the wedding, he admits he had a glass of champagne by mistake. A witness testified seeing him taking shots at Humphrey's with the wedding party following the reception.

The defense called Lucas' parents to the stand, who said he did not drink anything besides the accidental glass of champagne.

Brian Lucas was booked back into the Madison County Jail Friday. (handout)

Brian Lucas was booked back into the Madison County Jail Friday. (handout)

Lucas underwent drug tests the following Monday, November 10 and Thursday, November 13.  He failed both.

The prosecutor called a lab technician to the stand who reviewed the drug test results, who said Lucas' urine did show alcohol was present in his system. However, he could not say how much he had to drink.

Madison County Circuit Judge Donna Pate revoked Lucas' bond for 30 days.  She said at that time, she'll review the bond again and determine if he should be released until his trial early next year.

Lucas is charged with three counts of sex abuse and one count of attempted sodomy.

Lucas’ twin brother, Aaron, pleaded guilty to similar charges in Colorado. He is currently serving 20 years to life for multiple child sex abuse charges.

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