WATCH LIVE: We are tracking severe storms as they move across the Valley Arctic blast headed to the South

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What a blast of cold air coming this way! The temperature dropped almost 50 degrees within 24 hours on Monday in the heart of the cold air mass, and a major winter storm worked its way across Minnesota and Wisconsin:

DMA 24-Hour Temperature Change

Denver International Airport was 53ºF at midnight; it has dropped to 18ºF with light snow as of 3:53 PM:

And in Grand Junction, Colorado:

This front blasts on through Alabama and Tennessee Tuesday night. Ahead of it, we get some scattered showers. Behind it, the temperature plunges, the wind howls from the northwest, and it just gets COLD around here!

We may come close to some record cold high temperatures, but this particular round of cold weather won’t offer much chance of record low temps. The main reasons for that involve clouds and wind; as long we have a breeze and some clouds above, radiational cooling cannot really be maximized. You need a clear sky and light wind on most nights to get to record low territory; we don’t see much of that with this first round of cold air.

Some of these numbers date back to the 1930s; this is not unprecedented for November, but it’s still unusual!

Cold November Highs

We are projecting highs in the 40s on Thursday and Friday, and with some help from a little sunshine breaking through we could get to 50 degrees this weekend.

Another Arctic blast is lined up to come south on Sunday, and that one could be even colder than the one this week! See for specifics on the forecast through next week.

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