Saying ‘thank you’ to veterans, in an unlikely way

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- During a day to honor men and women who serve our country, two young people are doing just that with a small gesture.

In front of the Marshall County Courthouse a Veteran's Day ceremony fills the air with music, a rifle salute, and words of wisdom and experience.

Men and women gather along the steps and look on. Some are veterans, others are family, and others just come to show their support.

Among the crowd, two small girls walk carrying a basket. Their names are Josephine Collier and Savannah Graham. They are 10 and 9.

"It's for the veterans to say thank you," Josephine says. She's talking about what is in the basket.

As the girls walk, they hand out a little bag full of cookies, of all things, to each veteran there. The girls baked them, put the packages together, and even put an American flag sticker on the front for an added bonus. "We decided to do it just to thank them for their service and sacrifice," Savannah said.

In the crowd, as the speeches commence and the rifle shots ring out, a Marine who fought in WWII holds the girls' display of thanks.

It's a gesture so small, but it says so much -- because two young ladies recognized his and other veterans' sacrifices and work and said thank you.

"It means a lot to me and the whole veterans organizations," Veteran Byron Buchanan says. "I think it means so much. "

It's only two words, two syllables even. But, saying 'thank you' can mean the world.

And thanks can come in any form -- even cookies.

"It's just really nice to do it," Josephine says. "I just thought it would be very special to do something," Savannah chimes in.