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Police: Man’s wedding ring contributed to his electrocution

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PORT ORANGE, Fla. (WKMG) – A central Florida man was electrocuted while fixing a dishwasher.  Police say the man’s wedding ring contributed to his death.

Police say they got a 911 call from a family in south Daytona, Florida that their relative wasn’t moving.  He was kneeling on the floor with his arm extended behind the dishwasher.

The autopsy report came back showing Jason Ferguson was electrocuted.


Photo of the house where the man was electrocuted. (WKMG)

Police say Ferguson had come to the home on Caldwell Road to install a dishwasher. The power was off, but Ferguson told his brother-in-law to turn it back on.

They heard a strange noise, and Ferguson reached behind the dishwasher.  Seconds later, his brother-in-law noticed he was slouched over.

Police say the family was all present, including children, when the accident happened.

Police say Ferguson’s wedding ring touched the live wire.  He was kneeling in or near a pool of water and he was leaning up against the metal door of the dishwasher.aramedics tried to revive ferguson… they say he died at the hospital.

-Reporting by Erik von Ancken, WKMG (via CNN)