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Injured U.S. Marine gets free home in Madison

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Just in time for Veterans Day, a veteran takes the keys to his new home. Brandon Johnson and his family got to move in Monday.

It was almost a birthday party of sorts. After all, the Marines turned 239 on Monday as well.

What better way to celebrate than a slew of people turning out to give an injured Marine a new house. Because even 239 flickering little flames on a birthday cake couldn't hold a candle to the joyful glow of a porch light welcoming someone home for the first time.

The Johnsons have a few gifts around the house, though the most important, the keys, disappear into a pocket almost instantly.

It's a nice house, an enormous bathroom, a huge closet. It's full of amenities. And soon, memories. The Johnsons plan to celebrate Christmas in front of their new fireplace. Brandon Johnson chimes in, "Oh, yes, definitely, and Thanksgiving too."

He makes a lot of friends this day. Everything seems new.  "We're no longer walking into a house anymore. It's our house. It was a completely different feeling," Johnson said.

As for his feelings toward his benefactors, he says, "I can't thank them enough for giving us a spot to . . . just to be for the rest of our lives. A spot we don't have to move. We don't have to pay a mortgage. It's an unbelievable dream come true."

So enjoy it Johnson family. You've earned a dream or two.


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