Celestial Car Wreck: UAH professor tracks galaxy he discovered as it crashes into a cluster

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - University of Alabama in Huntsville Professor Ming Sun watched along with scientists around the world, as the galaxy he discovered collided into a galaxy cluster.

The galaxy in question is called ESO137-001. The collision unveiled numerous other space phenomena.

Sun points out, "We also observed star formation."

He can actually indicate in images taken from the Hubble how stars have formed out of the gas trail of the galaxy he follows closely.

Mercifully, this galactic encounter happens far, far away. Sun estimates "like seventeen mega-parsecs."

That's actually a hundred times further away than the nearest galaxy to us.

In fact, it's so far, that the light reaching us right now, what we're looking at, is really, really old.

Sun takes a crack at how long it's been since this all happened, "Like 200-million years ago."

We'll have to hang on a bit longer to see it through.

Sun estimates, "If we can live for another million years, we can just see this thing unfold in front of us."