Men, time to put on the apron, it’s National Men Make Dinner Day

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Wives, mothers, and girlfriends, we’ve got good news for you today!

If you’re a woman, stay away from the kitchen today. That’s because it’s National Men Make Dinner Day!

The day is ‘celebrated’ the first Thursday of every November.

According to the official National Men Make Dinner Day website, the ‘rules’ require that men who participate choose a recipe with a minimum of four ingredients. He has to cook it, clean up after making it and serve his partner or family.

Then he has to clear the table!

Men, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If you need a recipe that’s sure to please, you can check out the recipes from the Mr. Food Test Kitchen on WHNT News 19. Click here to see Mr. Food’s recipes.

Join our Facebook discussion. Who cooks at your house? What is your favorite home-cooked meal? What are you going to cook tonight?

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  • Otis

    Another example of feminists trying to emasculate men. Cooking together is a great way to spend quality time together.

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