Alabama Governor Robert Bentley easily wins re-election

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) - There was no surprise Tuesday in Alabama's gubernatorial race.  Robert Bentley easily won re-election over Democratic opponent Parker Griffith.

At his victory celebration in Montgomery, Gov. Bentley thanked supporters, his family, his campaign staff for their tireless work.

Governor Robert Bentley thanks supporters at his victory celebration in Montgomery.

Governor Robert Bentley thanks supporters at his victory celebration in Montgomery.

"I love the people of this state. They've asked me to serve them and continue to be their governor. I'll work every day to earn their trust. God bless you all, and God bless this great state of Alabama," Bentley said.

Griffith's gathering was much calmer at Embassy Suites in Huntsville.

In "a very gracious conversation," Griffith spoke to Gov. Bentley tonight and said he ran a great campaign.

Parker Griffith (D)

Parker Griffith (D)

“Politics are tough, and sometimes you can take it personally, if your skin's a little thinner than it should be,” Griffith said to WHNT News 19's Steve Johnson.

Griffith said he would have liked to debate Gov. Bentley.

As to the future, Griffith said he’ll stay involved in politics.

"I'll definitely stay involved. I'll never not be involved," he said.

Check election results here as numbers come in.



      • Branko Pezdi

        Well, your use of the English language would indicate that Alabama is the “BEHIND STATE”, but I doubt it’s typical of most of Alabama, at least the non-parasite class.

    • truthliveshere

      What, in your mind, constitutes “moving forward”? And also, what do you consider “in the dark”? Just wondering Sissy.

      • Don

        Ha ha, I know the answer. It means Sissy has no job and is upset Medicaid wont be expanding anytime soon in Alabama. It means Gov. Bentley does not support people living off the government while the middle class supports them. Sissy- the people have spoken. Time to work.


    All respect for this man was lost in the death of Hawayai, the comments he made were awful!! You give ALABAMA a bad name!!!

  • Kandy

    Well I voted for Parker, and yes Sissy is right. She is right because this is a racist state that don’t won’t Alabama to move forward with great things. How come we can never come together and work together to make this state a better place. I read on the internet yesterday about how Bentley wanted to know why Medicaid was expanding. he quoted “Some one is telling people to sign up, someone is telling them to vote” I will try to find the page so that you can read it. But I am saying, Just because you are on Medicaid does not mean you do not work. I was on Medicaid and was working (still is) because I could not afford health insurance. Now I have Health and insurance and hope he don’t take my job away. I hope you people have to rely on public assistance one day and see how it feels not to be able to make a decent paycheck and working your butts off just to afford the things, because people like him ” wants to make sure people like him stays head of the middle class that really need help in the state of Alabama. Our kids needs good education. No I am not on any public assistance and you never know when you might ever need to go on it. I would love to see the look on your face when you have to.

    • Kandy

      “I’m not planning on expanding Medicaid,” Bentley said. “Unfortunately, Medicaid is expanding on its own, and the cost of Medicaid is expanding. Medicaid is really the albatross we have around our necks in this state.”

      Despite the barriers to entrance, the program covers about 20 percent of the state. Asked if the poverty in the state was driving the growth, Bentley suggested people were being actively recruited to sign up for Medicaid.

      “Something is increasing the number of Medicaid patients,” he said. “And one of the things is signing people up, registering them to vote, telling people they’re eligible for Medicaid.”

    • Branko Pezdi

      “this is a racist state”

      Maybe. However, it’s up to YOU dem/libs to come out of your racist closet and join the 21st century. Good luck.

    • Realityhurts

      Most of the people in this state who are on public assistance are not republican so your last statement is pretty inaccurate. I am all for reducing public assistance. For people who have done the things needed to be financially stable, such as attended college and worked their way up to well paying jobs, the whole system is a slap in the face. Why should I be required to pay for your things, especially things such as cell phones which are not a necessity? If the foundation of your argument is that not being handed everything you could possibly want makes everyone here a racist then I don’t know what to say. That would simply show that you haven’t been raised to take accountability and be responsible for your own well being…

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