Political Analyst: Two state amendments to focus on for the November 2014 ballot

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Alabama ballots tend to be littered with smoke and mirror amendments. Often, they accomplish little legislatively -- aside from making some sort of point.

However, two of this year's five amendments stand out to WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown. He said, "One is Amendment Two, and it is the desire of the legislature to go borrow $50 million-plus from the Alabama Trust Fund and to then use that money to refurbish and enhance the 83 National Guard armories."

So with Amendment Two - you vote for it to let them borrow the money or you vote against it to reject the expenditure.

The other amendment that Brown wants you to focus on - Amendment Four. This one centers around unfunded mandates for schools.

Brown elaborates, "Where the legislatures of the state says, 'Dear Local School Systems, we in effect order you to do something. We pass a law that requires you to do something, and what we're requiring you to do is going to cost some money. But we're not going to send you any state money to pay for this new mandate. It's an unfunded mandate.'"

Vote in favor of Amendment Four -- you essentially ban unfunded mandates, forcing the state to provide funding for big expenditures they'd require of school districts.

Vote against Amendment Four -- you allow the legislature to use unfunded mandates as they see fit.

All in all - just review the amendments carefully before you show up to vote.

You can find the full text for all of the amendments here.