Marshall County’s new animal adoption program a success

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- A first-time pet adoption program in Marshall County is seeing success.

Mary Harris' job isn't like her old one. "I retired from NASA and my friend Linda Morris retired from TRW," Harris said.

Now those two women work nearly full time to find new homes for dogs and cats picked up by Marshall County's animal control.

Every week the women go to two Marshall County shelters to see the animals. "We spend a lot of time with them, we take the best pictures we can possibly get," Harris said.

From there the pictures go online to pet adoption sites. "We spend hours. Hours, every week," Harris said. Those hours of work are making all the difference.

"This team we've got set up is just doing a fantastic job on saving a lot of animals in Marshall County," Commission Chair James Hutcheson said. Hutcheson said in the past a lot of animals had to be put down because they weren't adopted out. Now, out of the hundreds brought in, almost all of them have new homes.

The county started the program earlier this year. The animals brought in by animal control would be listed on pet adoption sites. It was a first for the county, but officials said they wanted to change the current system.

Since the program's initiation this year, animals have been sent all over the state. Some were sent to Georgia, Tennessee, and even Canada. "We met the transport and got the little dogs on the way to Canada," Harris said.

The process is hard, but it's working.

"It's worthwhile and it's rewarding," Harris said, "You know, we enjoy it."

The animals are housed at the B&A Animal Hospital in Boaz, and the Guntersville Animal Hospital.

They can also be found at the program's Facebook page, and by following this link.