Marshall County reduces inmates in county jail

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Officials reduced the number of inmates in the Marshall County jail to fight overcrowding, recently.

Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said the county's jail was overcrowded and there is no money to expand the jail. He said something had to be done, so a plan to move inmates who were applicable was set in motion.

District Attorney Steve Marshall said the move was initiated by Marshall County judges.

"We had individuals there whose cases were ready to go, they were prepared to go ahead and plead guilty," Marshall said. "Gave us an opportunity to resolve those cases."

Marshall said they were able to reduce the number of inmates substantially. Officials added many different avenues were utilized to get the inmates out of the county jail.

"Sent several to prison, sent several to our local work release, and otherwise had folks that were there that had served a sufficient amount of time for us to be able to resolve the cases," Marshall said.

Officials said the move is saving taxpayers money. "We're able to not only push the folks that needed to go to prison there, but also remove some of that liability in the jail also," Marshall said.

Hutcheson said this action was overall good for the county. "Very excited that we're working together to try to keep the jail population under 200," Hutcheson said.