Huntsville’s new school board members sworn in

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's official -- there's a new board in charge of Huntsville City Schools.  Three new members were sworn in Monday morning during a ceremony at the Merts Center.

Beth Wilder took over for District 2, Elisa Ferrell was installed for District 3 and Walker McGinnis took the seat for District 4.

The board also elected new leadership, choosing Mike Culbreath as Vice President and Laurie McCaulley as President.

We spoke with McCaulley about some of the challenges facing the school system.  The board has been under scrutiny in recent months -- from the Department of Justice lawsuit, to a security program that includes monitoring students' social media accounts.

"We have an opportunity to look at what we've been doing, to review it, to see what has been working, what has not worked," said McCaulley. "What we do know is we are one of the safest school systems in this county.  We haven't had any homicides. We haven't had any stabbings and maybe it's because of the extra precautionary measures we're taking."

The new board members say they've already begun meeting with administrators at the schools in their respective districts.  And, they are eager to get to work.