Attorney General’s race defies conventional wisdom, approaches conclusion

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Democratic challenger for Alabama's Attorney General, Joe Hubbard, has spent almost twice what we've seen from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith.

WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown says Hubbard stands out among his Democrat peers, saying, "All campaigns are money, message, and manpower. As best I can tell, on all three of those 'M's', he's put together the most credible campaign."

But how can the challenger for Attorney General outspend the challenger for the governor's office?

Luther Strange, left, and Joe Hubbard, right

Luther Strange, left, and Joe Hubbard, right

Brown says Hubbard's wealthy benefactor helps. "Virtually all of his money, Joe Hubbard's money, seems to come from one source. And that is the casino-owning Poarch Creek Indian Tribe."

At the end of the day though, Brown still feels confident he knows which way voters will go, saying, "I think strange should win, but the question is by how much in his case."

Of course, to be clear, that's the prevailing wisdom among politicos right now. But voters can always buck expectations.

Just earlier this year, one of the most powerful Republicans in the country, Eric Cantor, lost a primary vote to a relatively unknown challenger.

To modify a sports expression -- that's why we cast the votes.


  • Michael

    Hubbard is the only Democrat on my ballot that I plan on voting for tomorrow. Look Republicans, it’s time to admit we whiffed on this one. It happens. But rather than keep whiffing on the same mistake, wouldn’t it be a better choice to admit our mistakes and try again in 4 years? Who knows, Hubbard could be the better man for the job despite the big D beside his name.

  • Rebecca James

    Here is why Alabama votes Republican.

    Alabama is an extremely poor and backward state. The middle class live in double wide mobile homes, while the lower class lives in single wide mobile homes. They never travel outside their state, so they don’t know how poor they are. One of the major things that separates the middle class from the lower class is health insurance. The middle class doesn’t want the lower class to have health insurance, because then the might be able to accumulate a little wealth, because they wouldn’t be sued every time they get sick. They might even get a double wide and move in next door! Same with abortions. If poor girls can get abortions they might be able to get an education and get ahead of the middle class.

    The average Alabama voter works at least 10 hours a day. So he’s too tired to watch real news on the tube. So, he watches FOX and gets his entertainment and learns the news all at the same time so he can go to bed early and get to the mill on time the next morning. He knows everything he learns on FOX is accurate, because it just validates his own observations. The problem with the economy is all the deadbeats who are getting abortions and obamacare without having to work like he does.

    • Lisa

      While I agree with some of your comment the comments about the middle class living in double wides and the lower in single wides is pointless. Why are there so many subdivisions if all of the middle class live in mobile homes? I vote republican because I am a conservative and I am highly educated and do not live in a mobile home but consider myself middle class.
      And the middle class not wanting the lower class to have health insurance? That is a stupid assumption. If you don’t like Alabama then I suggest you go live where there are no double wides or single wides in your wonderful world of liberalism.

    • Michael

      Was Alabama not a poor, backwards state when it voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 or JFK in 1960? Was Alabama not a poor, backwards state when Democrats held the state legislature for 136 straight years?

  • Big T

    Just like the vote for Madison County School Superintendent. The differences between the candidates is minimal at best. Both Hubbard and Strange have backers that I am strongly against. I get the impression that they are just in politics for the money and could not care less about the people of Alabama. Why else would they both support Indian Casinos if not for the money. We cannot have the lottery in AL (which I am also against) but the Indians can do as they please. Odd that the state of AL is always having money problems but the politicians seldom have a money shortage. From the Sheriff’s office to the state capital, they are just politicians and if you cannot afford to donate big money to their campaign then you do not count. They all have pictures of them out among people but those people must be actors because I have never met anyone who actually had a glass of sweet tea with the any of the people who made a living off of our taxes. I don’t even know what my county commissioner looks like let alone what he actually does. Odd that the only chance to talk to the candidates was at a dark crowded bar in Madison rather than at a more family friendly venue.

  • NRA

    Big Luther is the BEST option. Democ(rats) must be run out of office at ALL levels. Liberalism is a severe Mental Disorder!!

    • fascinatedspectator

      Oh yes, just keep voting for KNOWN CRIMINALS like Luther the CROOK and keep “pretending” that those CONVICTED Criminals aren’t cheating us blind and stealing Taxpayer money! Good thinking! Goodness knows, we wouldn’t want an Attorney General who will work for the people!

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