27 foster homes and only 16-years-old

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Mother Teresa said, “A child without a family is the greatest form of poverty.”

We have children who are too rich with possibility to be robbed of the promise of family.

Andrew is 16-years-old and in foster care.

“I like athletics, PE, but my favorite subject would have to be science. I'm going into genetic engineering in college, bio-medical engineering,” Andrew said.

He is focused so much on the future, with plans to write his own path -- a different road from his past.

Andrew and his brother Patrick have been in care since the age of four.

“We're in care right now, but we're not together. It hurts me on the inside you know cause I wish we could be together." Andrew said.

The hardest part of being in foster care? “Seeing people come and go. This is my 27th placement, so this is a little extreme for me and seeing so many people come and go through your life. It's a little hard to take in, but you learn to accept it sometimes,” Andrew said.

“27th?” Lee asked.

“This is my 27th yes” Andrew answered.

“Wow. Every placement is new rules,” Lee said.

“New people around you, different ways to bond with people, you learn to adapt over time, kind of like evolution, but I say adapting.” Andrew said.

“Adapting, is it ever surviving?” Lee asked.

“Yes, to a certain extent it can be, surviving throughout the years with different people, it can be hard at times.” Andrew answered.

27 moves, 27 homes, 27 labels.

“Yeah, when kids label me you’re a foster kid... I'm a foster kid, but I'm just like you. And these kids are like, 'man my parents are so strict.' I'm like, 'at least you have parents there for you, the role model.' I didn't have that growing up. We're normal kids, just like any other teenager, we just happened to be, have the wrong time, just the way God wants it to be I guess.” Andrew said.

Andrew mentioned his brother Patrick. You’ll have a chance to meet him next week.


  • nicole

    How would someone help these children. I would love to give them a forever home. These kids need a family to call there own not a label.

    • Crys

      Call your state office that oversees foster care. They may be listed under “health and human services,” “child and family services,” or “child protective services.” They can give you more information on becoming a foster parent. I’ve been fostering for four years and have to say that it is the hardest and MOST rewarding and meaningful thing I have ever done in my life. As a bonus, it led me to my daughter, which was a total surprise for both of us. She never expected to be in foster care. I never expected to adopt, let alone adopt a 17 year old.

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