Father turns his daughter’s wheelchair into crime-fighting vehicle for Halloween

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Halloween is a special and exciting time for children all over the Tennessee Valley. For one creative step-father, Halloween is his time to make his step-daughter feel like a superhero.

Every year,  Dustin makes a costume that accommodates her needs.

“Oh, she’s my world. I’d do anything for her,” said Driver.

Makayla’s mother, Julie, wrote in to the WHNT News 19 newsroom, bragging on Dustin and Makayla.

“My daughter Makayla has cerebral palsy and is unable to sit up or walk,” Julie wrote. “This year she’s Batgirl! He has spent numerous hours in the garage working on the Batmobile. I think it turned out pretty awesome!”

This is the third Halloween in a row Dustin has made a costume for Makayla.

"She sees her daddy, she lights up. And it's just a great feeling to know I have someone who loves her as much as I do. And would do anything for her just like I would," said Julie.

It's a labor of love.

"I took a piece of two-by-four plywood and bolted casters onto it and I built it up with spray foam and I cut it out," said Dustin, explaining how he made the batmobile.

Julie chimed in, "Everybody starts asking me what's he going to do this year, what's he going to do?"

For the Drivers, Halloween is a big deal.

"It's the one time of year she gets to be a normal kid. She gets to go get candy and she might not be able to eat it all, but she can be there with the rest of the kids," she said.

"You gotta do stuff to make your kids happy, right?" said Dustin.

So this Halloween, Batgirl Makayla will ride in style, ready to swoop in and save the day.


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