BLOG: Football player stabbed in Athens High School field house, another player charged

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Athens Police say one student is charged with assault and another is recovering from a stab wound after an incident Tuesday on the grounds of Athens High School.

Police say two football players got in an argument in the field house at the football stadium, and one stabbed the other with a pocket knife.  The student who was stabbed, Tarik Malone, 18, is expected to make a full recovery. He was cut in his left side, near his abdomen.  The suspect is 16-year-old Rashaun Anderson. He is being charged as an adult.

L to R:

Rashaun Anderson, left, is charged with assault.  Tarik Malone, right, is the player who was stabbed.

Read our blog of the events below.


  • B

    If only they would crack down more on gun control, it would stop all this violence….
    Sarcasm aside, I hope the young man is ok! Praying for him and his family!


    Should be attempted murder! It’s so sad a young man’s (Tarik) career will be put on hold because of this untrained human!! Parents, put em on a leash or keep em home! Praying for the Malone Family!

    • bOB

      Career put on hold? Are you stupid? Is that all that comes to mind is his career? Maybe Auburn would take him I guess. They love felons.

    • Athens 2

      Obviously you do not know anything about the accused parents. If you did, you would have NEVER made that remark. As a general rule teenagers make poor choices. It was wrong to bring the knife to school, and wrong to do what was done; no excuses. A child was hurt, and it’s a tragedy.

      But for you to say he is “untrained” is dead wrong!

      One day your kids will disappoint YOU and you will find out just what a reality check you are in for.

  • Juan Contreras

    I vote for GUN Control! And we should also have knife control!!! why do people need knives??? ALSO: The FBI stated that more poeple are killed with hammers than guns…. so HAMMER CONTROL too dang it.

    I am sure all of these “controls” will solve the issue.

  • Jacob


  • Nuclear Mike

    Seems the Football Coach’s discussion of his football “family” has little merit or truth when they are trying to kill each other with illegal weapons brought to school grounds…seems the Coach does not have control of his football “family” at all…perhaps there is more to bullying in the football program than they want exposed.

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