Speeders cause Arab Police increase patrols around school zones

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -- A new traffic situation on the roads near Arab Primary School has officers amping up patrol on the streets.

Arab Police officers are having to keep their eye on the roads around the Primary School. First, it was drivers stopping on the roads before school let out, causing a hazard. Now, it's drivers speeding down Main Street, causing a traffic jam with the after-school drivers. "That's where we're seeing a large amount of violations in speeding, going on in that area," Assistant Chief Shane Washburn says.

He says because of the drivers ignoring the school zone speed limit, drivers leaving the Primary School are having a tough time getting out onto Main Street. So, the department is putting more officers on the streets.

"We've always tried to have a presence there in school zones to slow everybody down, but it just seems like right now we're having a bit of an issue with the speeders," Assistant Chief Washburn says.

Arab Police always have officers in each school zone, but now they'll be paying extra attention to how fast drivers are going. "We'll be out in force trying to keep everybody slowed down, and everybody safe," Assistant Chief Washburn says.

The department plans to put more signs on Main Street so drivers are aware part of it is a school zone.


  • Bob

    While I agree their should be more enforcement in school zones the root of the problem in my opinion is overall poor enforcement practices. I often see Arab police speeding for no apparent reason without lights sirens ect…. If you want people to slow down , try setting the example !!!!

  • Nuclear Mike

    Time for the HPD to resume their street surveillance to re-educate the speeders around all the Huntsville High Schools as speeding is a real problem for the safety of the neighborhoods with so much speed now.

  • Alan

    the way things way things are “patrolled” in Arab around the schools is a bad joke. The non-working parents lining up right in the roads at ALL the schools at 1:30 and causing numerous problems because they have nothing else to do is very stupid. Enforce the don’t let kids out before 7:00am and don’t go to pick them up until 2:20PM rules and stop the “look at me” moms from causing so many issues on main street and also on 69 in two places (HS and Jr. High).

  • Michael

    What? You mean “solving” the parking problem with threats of tickets did nothing except create a new problem? Who would have ever thought that (other than me)?

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